The next level of training….Beanies!

There’s been a growing trend recently among many of our local athletes, particularly, students at one of the best karate schools in Brownsville Tx . And I’m not talking about weight training or weight loss supplements or bullying or anything of the sort. What I’m referring to is the use of those hand knit looking beanies that students wear daily.

It’s sort of a weird trend as we live in possibly the most hot and humid area in the continental United States. An area where temperatures in the summer reach well over 100 degrees and winters….well, there really are no winters here as it’s just as warm in many instances as it is throughout the general year.

As I asked some of the older students (my son attends karate classes as well) about those little pieces of knit yarn on their head and why they wear them, they simply responded with “it keeps us warm so we don’t cool down”. Warm! Again, let me remind you, we are in one of the warmest cities and states in the country.

Apparently, this helps them keep their bodies at an optimal temperature without cooling down too quickly and losing their momentum. It makes sense for them to stay warm on the inside as much as being warm on the outside. According to them, after a good workout, when the body gets cold, it becomes harder for them to perform at their peak, and since body heat escapes from the top of our heads, these beanies control how quickly or slowly their inner bodies cool down keeping them at maximum temperature internally to maintain performance.

Wow, did I learn something new today!

Aside from the fact that this beanie thing is popular around many of the local athletes from other sports venues, they do come in a variety of colors so that they can look “cool” while keeping warm…..huh?

As funny as it may sound, there must be good value or benefits in wearing beanies if our youth wear them day in and out, not only during training. So it’s safe to say that you don’t necessarily have to be an outstanding athlete to use one. I must admit, that they are comfortable and do tend to keep you warm (in my case, I’m sweating up a storm). But I still don’t see the benefit of wearing it after a workout or between workouts. To me, I’d rather cool down properly before beginning my next routine or in the case of martial arts, round or fight.

In any case, if they feel that there’s a special benefit to them for wearing these beanies, then more power to them. They shouldn’t stray from wearing something just because someone else disapproves of it or doesn’t really understand it. And before you think I disapprove, think again. My son is now wearing one and has a small assortment of colors to go with what he’s wearing (mom’s idea).

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and go get that Beanie!

Sweltering Heat…Need Help Fast!

With this summer heat hitting a minimum daily high of 85 degrees in the morning and topping off at 100 degrees midday, it’s no wonder that air conditions seem to fail this time of the year from being over worked. But don’t be fooled by ac repair service in Brownsville Tx, you have to watch out for those leeches that take advantage of the times and overcharge for their services or even coming out to check your Air Conditioner.

Unfortunately for us, the consumer, when our a/c breaks down and humidity is over 90% along with looming high temperatures, we get desperate to feel comfortable within our home, especially when we have young children or older family members who depend on the ac unit to stay safe from the heat. AC repair companies know this and as always, there are those select few who ruin it for the masses.

Those cheating ac repair guys are the ones that cause the most damage to your unit with their quick fixes just to charge you a buck. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better! Many of these guys charge well below what a professional would normally charge making it tempting for many people to fall under their influence. I would personally rather pay a little more and do my due diligence on the companies I call upon before they service my a/c.

No matter where you find your ac repair company, like always…research, research, research. The internet is a beautiful tool to use to not only find what you’re looking for but to find out what others’ experiences are with the company you’re looking to hire.

I know of many people who use Craigslist to find their technician, I personally wouldn’t do such a thing. Don’t get me wrong…Craigslist is great for many things but many of those leeches use it to make a quick buck. There are many reputable companies that post their services there as well, but I’d rather use search engines and websites like Angie’s list to hire a professional.

Once you have your ac repaired, it’s a good idea to maintain it by servicing it right before the major change of seasons. I usually have mine serviced right before winter and the same just before the summer heat begins.

I would highly recommend using the same company for all your ac needs as long as they provide it and don’t switch around just because of price. Remember, if your ac gets damaged with so many different hands working on it, it’s going to cost you a lot more to get a new one…oh, and remember….there’s an inside and outside unit so you would have to replace the pair for maximum efficiency. I learned my lesson on my prior home as I did not take the advice of the repair specialist who told me to replace both my interior and exterior units for maximum efficiency or he could not guarantee my units would work well together (I replaced a 20 year old unit that had the coil come apart…image what the other one looked like ). Lesson learned, I eventually replaced the 2nd unit as each one was the original units with the home.

So be smart and don’t get desperate should you fall into a situation where your ac stops working in the middle of the summer. Below is my choice for ac repair anytime.

Shipping Beanies FedEx

For those of you utilizing local shipping services to move your product around the country, what is your preferred method of shipping? A local vendor recently commented to me at a couple of different FedEx shipping centers in Brownsville Tx that FedEx is his primary method for shipping his product. What is his product? Beanies!

Even though Brownsville Tx is located in the deep south, beanies are his primary product and he focuses on shipping his product North to the colder regions of the country. But don’t be fooled, he says that beanies are very popular in the Texas region as well as he regularly ships within the state as well as to many local vendors in the local malls of the Rio Grande Valley.

The benefit of utilizing a service like FedEx or UPS is the fact that he doesn’t incur the large freight costs that many other retailers or wholesalers face. Since his product is rather small and can be compacted as well as very lightweight, he is able to pack a large selection of beanies within the boxes that are regularly accepted by these type of shippers.

As is the case, he doesn’t usually have to ship overnight so the savings for him comes in the form of regular shipping with a tracking number for him to provider not only for himself but for the buyers of his products. at times he does and will utilize other options depending on the size or quantity of the shipment. His other options include US Postal Service or UPS. He has used DHL and Lonestar however he finds that he is content with the service provided by the larger carriers.

As far as how he packs them in the boxes, he says that he is able to squeeze the beanies in and generally packs the larger sizes on the bottom of the box with the smaller sizes at the top. Being that they are made of soft cloth material, he can easily fold them within the plastic packaging he puts them in and since he vacuums out the air from the packages, he is able to make a lot of room within the box and pile them in. In the end, the box can feel a little heavy but most are surprised at the amount of product he is able to put in them. This translates to a huge savings for him.

Being able to pack so much product in a smaller package is a huge advantage for him. He doesn’t have to incur the large costs of the Brownsville freight forwarders which include warehousing his product and utilizing their various logistics programs and shipping costs. So that helps keeps his costs down and his profits at a good comfortable level for him to be able to not only survive but to continue bringing in the product he sells. He doesn’t comment on how or where he gets his product but he’s not trying to become a rich man by doing so.

So for all you other small wholesalers or business owners who need to move small product out without the huge retailer shipping costs, look into utilizing companies like FedEx, UPS, and the USPS to meet your needs and keep money in your pocket.

My Thoughts Exactly

Throughout this journey I’m beginning, I’ll be bringing you the most up to date and reliable information about such topics that peak my interest. Too many times we are misinformed about certain subjects and the information provided and I for one am tired of such rubbish.

Therefore, it is in my best interest to provide whatever reliable and researchable information that I provide to you to not only be relevant, but to also be accurate. Any and all topics will be discussed on this journey and I promise I will not be holding back on my beliefs and comments.

Although my official blogging began the moment I began typing this post, in a few days I will begin with some information I’m working on offline and get ready to take it to the next level.

I look forward to our journey together on this quest for valid and reputable information as well as any suggestions on research or specific topics that you may have behind the curtains.