Shipping Beanies FedEx

For those of you utilizing local shipping services to move your product around the country, what is your preferred method of shipping? A local vendor recently commented to me at a couple of different FedEx shipping centers in Brownsville Tx that FedEx is his primary method for shipping his product. What is his product? Beanies!

Even though Brownsville Tx is located in the deep south, beanies are his primary product and he focuses on shipping his product North to the colder regions of the country. But don’t be fooled, he says that beanies are very popular in the Texas region as well as he regularly ships within the state as well as to many local vendors in the local malls of the Rio Grande Valley.

The benefit of utilizing a service like FedEx or UPS is the fact that he doesn’t incur the large freight costs that many other retailers or wholesalers face. Since his product is rather small and can be compacted as well as very lightweight, he is able to pack a large selection of beanies within the boxes that are regularly accepted by these type of shippers.

As is the case, he doesn’t usually have to ship overnight so the savings for him comes in the form of regular shipping with a tracking number for him to provider not only for himself but for the buyers of his products. at times he does and will utilize other options depending on the size or quantity of the shipment. His other options include US Postal Service or UPS. He has used DHL and Lonestar however he finds that he is content with the service provided by the larger carriers.

As far as how he packs them in the boxes, he says that he is able to squeeze the beanies in and generally packs the larger sizes on the bottom of the box with the smaller sizes at the top. Being that they are made of soft cloth material, he can easily fold them within the plastic packaging he puts them in and since he vacuums out the air from the packages, he is able to make a lot of room within the box and pile them in. In the end, the box can feel a little heavy but most are surprised at the amount of product he is able to put in them. This translates to a huge savings for him.

Being able to pack so much product in a smaller package is a huge advantage for him. He doesn’t have to incur the large costs of the Brownsville freight forwarders which include warehousing his product and utilizing their various logistics programs and shipping costs. So that helps keeps his costs down and his profits at a good comfortable level for him to be able to not only survive but to continue bringing in the product he sells. He doesn’t comment on how or where he gets his product but he’s not trying to become a rich man by doing so.

So for all you other small wholesalers or business owners who need to move small product out without the huge retailer shipping costs, look into utilizing companies like FedEx, UPS, and the USPS to meet your needs and keep money in your pocket.

My Thoughts Exactly

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